Hee Welling
+45 2681 5166

Gudmundur Ludvik
+45 2627 7472

Welling / Ludvik 
Industrial Design
Birkedommervej 33, 3rd floor
DK-2400 Copenhagen

”The fundamentals should be re-thought”

Hee Welling (Denmark) and Gudmundur Ludvik (Iceland) are contributing to the renewal of environmentally friendly design centered around the personal experience.

The Industrial design of Welling/Ludvik aim to achieve the best possible solution as seen from a number of different perspectives. Comfort, materials, construction, pricing and environment are all defining factors in this approach to design, which also relate to the contemporary state of technology and challenges to society. Welling/Ludvik always seek to maximize the potential of modern manufacturing in their designs.

“Knowing your goal from the beginning is the key to maintaining artistic freedom while adapting to the technical aspects of production.”

The design of Welling/Ludvik is defined by a pure aesthetic, stripping away the redundant and letting each detail serve a functional purpose. These are traditional virtues of scandinavian design, which the duo revigorate for the present day market using modern materials and production technology.

“Good design never loses its ability to be interesting, even when reduced to its most simple form.”

Hee Welling and Gudmundur Ludvik both have deep roots in the Scandinavian design and crafts tradition.

They met at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen and have since been sharing a studio. In 2010 they founded Welling/Ludvik to combine their efforts and improve their design even further.

Hee Welling has a degree in furniture design from DDS. At the turn of the millennium Hee founded his own studio, which quickly became internationally renowned.

Gudmundur Ludvik has a background as a carpenter and a sculptor from The Icelandic Academy of Arts. He also holds a degree in furniture design from DDS.